Happy Nest with Opeyemi Odejide

Premarital Counseling Session, Exclusively for Brides to Be

Stately Pillar

“Refined, Poised, and Polished for the Palace”

– Psalm 112:14b

Stately Pillars is a distinguished group dedicated to empowering women to embody grace, strength, and elegance. Our mission is to inspire ladies to cultivate their inner beauty, develop their leadership potential, and enhance their personal and spiritual growth.

We envision a community of women who stand as pillars of strength and virtue, embodying the qualities of refinement, poise, and polish, ready to take their place in life’s grand palace.

The Nuptial Bliss

Opeyemi Odejide

The relationship life of a woman is important. It is pivotal to every other aspect of her life; hence, the need to approach that sphere of life fully armed with knowledge. This book presents to you, in 14 chapters, how to understand your purpose as a woman in relationship and marriage and become the help that God calls you. You can have a blissful relationship and marriage if you know and rightly apply the essential principles. Find in this book what to do before you get into a relationship, while in courtship and in marriage. This book has got you all covered through every stage.