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A man outside the word of God cannot enjoy the provisions of God. You must be deliberate and diligent in your study of the word of God if you will be a workman that will not be ashamed and one who will accurately handle the word of truth.

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From the study of ministry, missions and money in this paper the following concluding statements:
Involvement in ministry calls for faith in God to provide for his work.
God is able, willing, ready to finance the expansion of his kingdom.
We must never place personal and family needs above the prosperity of the gospel.


A home that will be great, must have two God chasers; both the husband and the wife must be chasers of God.
That is, right from singlehood they both must have cultivated a lifestyle of dwelling in the presence so much that God has a communion with them

NAKED BUT NOT ASHAMED is a book for everyone who desires a happy home. It is a collection of Godly principles for both singles and the married.


Bolaji Odejide is a strategic leadership trainer, a charismatic pastor, a theologian, and an author.

He is the Lead Pastor of Believers ‘ Heritage Baptist Church and the Convener of Prophetic Assembly, an interdenominational meeting that gathers thousands of people from different parts of the world in its annual meeting, with the vision of raising, empowering, and releasing end-time armies.